Lukas Vogel - German / Polish electronic music artist

lukas vogel techno artistI was born in beautiful Gdansk in Poland. A few years after moving to Germany I've started to be a dj and to produce my own electronic music. Now, I'm a dj since about the year 2000. I'm playing primarily progressive techno and techhouse with many different influences, such as latin or techhouse. I don't like boring and monotonic dj sets. It's important for me to create not only with the music, but also with my mixing skills a binding atmosphere. I had my most exciting gig in 2003 at the Nature One Festival as the dj contest winner.

In the same year I've found, together with my dj friends, a association for electronic music and we've started to organize our own electronic music projects in the oldest city in Germany, Trier and beyond. At our events have played well known electronic music artists like Thomas P. Heckmann, Patrick Lindsey, PET DUO, Marco Bailey and Frank Lorber.

Now I'm working on my own music productions. I'm creating electronic music which is influenced by detroit-techno, techhouse and the whole tresor stuff. To listen to some of my tracks, please visit me @ (click the link below)

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